Big Move Made By Mendota Community Hospital
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November 25, 2011

From the smallest office waste basket to the 1,095 pound Laboratory Chemistry Analyzer, three semi trucks moved Mendota


Community Hospital from its location on Memorial Drive to its new home on Route 34 east of Mendota. The move was made over a four day period with multiple trips back and forth each day to accomplish the enormous task of transporting equipment, furniture, and supplies to the hospital’s new location.


On the last day of the move, Wednesday, December 7, the hospital moved 16 inpatients via ambulances from Mendota, Amboy, Peru, and Spring Valley. Carl Finkle of Earlville, was the first patient to be moved. Kris Goodbred, Chief Nursing Officer at MCH, welcomed Carl as he entered through the doors of the new facility, and later spoke with Carl about his “once in a lifetime” experience. Flashing a big smile, Carl said, “I enjoyed my ride over to the new hospital in the Mendota Fire Department’sambulance.” Two ambulance personnel and one member of the hospital’s nursing staff accompanied each patient in their ride over. Carl added, “I was ready to go at 8:00 a.m., just as the nursing staff had requested. Everything went well during my transport. The new hospital is beautiful. I love my patient room. It’s bigger and more colorful with its brightly painted walls, rather than the previous sterile white walls at the old hospital. My room is much more comfortable - very home-like to me”. Carl explained.


Carl has been doctoring at Mendota Community Hospital since 1968. He is a retired railroad worker, married for 57 years to his wife, Pat, with whom he raised two daughters. He remembered fondly how many years ago he would barter or trade services with Dr. Detorre of Earlville. Carl would perform electrical work for Dr. Detorre and, in return for his services, the doctor would provide medical services for Carl and his family. It was a great working relationship!


Mendota Community Hospital’s Emergency Department opened and was functioning at full capacity beginning at 6:00 a.m. last Wednesday, December 7th. All other departments at the hospital’s new facility opened for routine and emergency services the very next day. For directions to the hospital, physician offices or for information about where you need to go for specific testing please call the hospital’s main switchboard at 815-539-7461 or individual department. Mendota Community Hospital has designed its new facility to provide you with privacy, confidentiality, efficient use of space, a family-friendly atmosphere, and the exceptional heathcare you deserve.