MCH April 17th Immunization Clinic
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April 08, 2013

Mendota Community Hospital will host its bi-monthly routine childhood immunization clinic on Wednesday, April 17th.  Immunization clinics are being held on site at the hospital, 1401 E. 12th Street.  Two sessions of the clinic will be offered, a morning session from 8:30 – 11:30 a.m., for Public Aid or Uninsured, the afternoon session, held from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. for those whose insurance covers immunizations at 100% and those that are Underinsured.   The clinic session you bring your child to depends on your insurance coverage.   Both sessions will be held in Conference Room C (Education Center) of the hospital.

            Public Aid patients, patients without insurance (the uninsured) will receive vaccines the hospital secures through the State of Illinois via the Vaccines for Children program (VFC).  An administrative fee of $15 per injection must be paid in cash at the time of immunization.  For any other arrangements please call 815-538-7232.

Patients who have insurance that pays 100% for immunizations or has insurance but does not pay for immunizations will attend the afternoon session of the clinic.   A patient’s insurance company will be billed directly for the cost of each injection and the administration fee.  Vaccines purchased from their manufacturer are very expensive with some costing well over $100 each.  For this reason it is so important to know what your insurance does and does not cover.  If you think you are covered by your insurance for your child’s vaccinations and it is discovered that your insurance does not cover vaccinations you will be responsible for any unpaid portion of the bill.  Call 815-538-7232 and MCH staff will go over any costs that you may be required to pay at the time of your appointment. 

Parents must bring their child’s immunization record and their public aid or insurance card to every immunization clinic.  If someone other than a parent or guardian is bringing the child in for vaccinations a signed consent form is required.

Appointments are required for either session of the immunization clinic.  Please call 815-538-7232 to schedule an appointment or for more information regarding your insurance coverage.

The next immunization clinic will be held June 19th at the hospital.   These immunization clinics are being held locally for the convenience of parents in the area who want to obtain the necessary childhood vaccinations for their children.  Please note that the meningitis (meningococcal) and HPV vaccination is given at the clinic.