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Team members include left to right back row: Phil Steines, Information Services, Michele Ultis, RN, Surgical Services Manager, Darci Kettleborough, RN, Surgical Services, & Deb Baltikauski, Information Services.Seated left to right: Jodie Borchelt, RN, Surgical Services and Heather Bomstad, RN, Staff Development.
Earlier this fall the Surgical Services Department at Mendota Community Hospital went “Live” with a software system from MEDITECH.  MEDITECH (Medical Information Technology, Inc.) is a Massachusetts-based software and service company selling information systems which are installed in healthcare facilities throughout the world.  MCH utilizes MEDITECH’s hospital information systems and, since 1997, has been integrating modules into individual departments with the latest system being the Operating Room Management (“ORM”) module.  This system includes management of supplies, surgical scheduling, nursing documentation, statistical reporting and cost comparison capabilities. 

The highlights of the ORM application provide routines for operating room scheduling, scheduling of equipment and operative resources, printing of the daily operating room schedule, documentation of pre-operative instructions as well as nursing assessments, tracking of patient risks, entering real-time perioperative documentation, managing inventory, creating specific surgeon “preference cards” (which ensure the right equipment and supplies are available and ready for use based on each surgeon’s individual preferences) and tracking of surgical implanted products. 

The ORM scheduling application includes checking for conflicts with a patient’s schedule, physician’s schedule, equipment availability and operating room availability from a single computer program.  When a surgeon’s office contacts the hospital to schedule a procedure, the MEDITECH system helps to maintain our patients’ confidentiality. 

Creating the surgeon’s “preference cards” using the MEDITECH ORM module provides an opportunity to easily update and change any supplies and equipment the surgeons prefer for each of their surgical procedures.   

The MEDITECH ORM documentation application allows the staff members to document and/or view each patient’s surgical record from pre-operative testing through post-operative recovery.  The staff taking care of the patient in all phases of the patient’s surgical experience are then able to stay informed of the patient’s status by simply looking at the computer.  The system automatically records who entered the information and the time of documentation.  The information that is entered becomes part of the patient’s surgical record. 

MCH’s team members who worked for the implementation of the new ORM system at the hospital include Darci Kettleborough, RN and Jodie Borchelt RN, Surgical Services; Michele Ultis, RN, Surgical Services Manager; Deb Baltikauski, Information Services; and Gilbert Hermosillo, Materials Management and Information Services Manager.  The core team members traveled to Boston, Massachusetts in April to receive extensive training necessary to build the ORM system based on Mendota Community Hospital’s specific needs and participated in multiple on-site training sessions with a MEDITECH representative from Boston.  Several additional individuals provided invaluable input and assistance leading to the successful integration of the ORM system at MCH including Heather Bomstad, RN, Staff Education; Phil Steines, RN, Information Services; and Sheila Jenkins, Central Supply Coordinator. 

MCH is excited to be one of the first area hospitals to implement electronic documentation in its Surgical Services Department.  The Operating Room Management system will enhance patient safety and confidentiality, which is at the heart of every service provided by Mendota Community Hospital.