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 The Mendota Community Hospital Auxiliary held its annual meeting during the Volunteer Appreciation Gathering, hosted by the hospital for its volunteers, on Wednesday, April 21 at the hospital.  Mendota Community Hospital Administrator, Lynn Klein, opened the meeting by thanking all of the volunteers for their dedication and service to the hospital.  She spoke about the new hospital facility and how valuable the hospital's volunteers will be in relocating and supporting the hospital's staff at its new location.  Kim Kennedy, MCH's Auxiliary liaison, introduced the Auxiliary's Board and reported that the Auxiliary presently has 175 members, a result of the February membership mailing.  Auxiliary membership fees are the organization's largest source of funds.  Judy Merritt, Meals on Wheels Coordinator, thanked the drivers who deliver for the Auxiliary's Meals On Wheels program, which has been in existence for over 31 years.  The Meals On Wheels program would not exist without its drivers, some of whom have been with the program since it began in 1979.  Currently, the program is running smoothly but is always in need of new drivers.  Ms. Merritt explained how she frequently receives notes from the recipients of the meals commenting on how much they appreciate the hot meal program. 

Pat Bradway, In-House Volunteer coordinator, reported there are 33 in-house volunteers and escorts who work weekdays at the hospital escorting patients to their destinations, delivering papers and items for individual departments, delivering mail and flowers, providing fresh water for the patients, helping at the immunization clinics and working in various other capacities for the hospital.  In the past 12 months these volunteers have worked 4,035 hours.  Ms. Bradway also recognized several volunteers for their years of service including Pat McNair and Marilyn Schaller, 20 years; Annette Truckenbrod for 10 years of service and Elenor Geuther and Richard Bergmark for 5 years of service.   The most longevity is held by Volunteer Norma Buettner, who began volunteering for the hospital in 1981.  Ms. Bradway remarked how much she enjoys working with these men and women.  "It is such a positive experience for me.  I can count on them (volunteers) being here when scheduled.  If they cannot make it in to work they make every effort to get someone to cover for them."

Sandi Maas, Events Chair and Publicity, gave an update on the past year's fundraisers including two Book Sales, the Bake and Produce Sale, the Harvest Bake Sale, two Tastefully Simple events, the annual cookout at Save A Lot, two bus trips to professional baseball games, a spring vendor sale and the annual pie, cheesecake and (new in 2009) cookie dough sale.  A new successful fundraiser this past year was selling freshly made Gino's pizzas which will be offered again. 

Deb Stachlewitz reported on the gift shop and thanked her dedicated staff, who work in the shop for her.  Currently the gift shop is looking for some new volunteers to work afternoon shifts in the shop.  Most volunteers only work one shift per month so it does not take up too much of their time.  The shop receives new merchandise daily and is a wonderful place to find gifts for all types of occasions.  The public is invited to stop by and see what the shop offers for upcoming confirmations, Mothers' Day, Fathers Day and graduations.